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4 Healthy Lunch Box Recipes For School Kids


Running out of ideas about what to pack in your little one's lunch box? Sandwiches are always a great option, but nobody wants to ea...

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Important Facts on Eczema in Kids


Eczema causes skin inflammation in several parts of the body. In the case of a child, the problem of eczema is pathetic and unbearabl...

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How to Inculcate Reading Habit Naturally Among Children?


As I have mentioned in my earlier articles that I am an avid reader and love reading. This article is not about giving tips to anybod...

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Family Dogs Provide More Than Companionship During Childhood Development


Family Dogs Provide More than Companionship During Childhood Development So your children like dogs. They know someone who has a dog...

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15 Tips to Better Baby Sleep


One of the most rewarding things as a new parent is to hear the sweet sounds of silence; that is, your baby peacefully sleeping! Every b...

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Ten Rules for Children to Be Educated About


The ten rules for children to be educated about. 1. Showing Respect The topic of respect is a vast one; however, it is one of the...

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15 Things Kids Want From Their Parents


15 Things Kids Want from Their Parents Although they might seem like it, children aren't too complicated. There are very few thin...

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